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Andreas Frank

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Frank, MBA


"The Time Management course helped me a lot to better schedule my everyday life and to get an eye for the really important things and goals. The content is great for me to implement and I have also managed to reduce the stress I had because of too many unnecessary time wasters. Since the whole course time was very interesting, through team and group work, there were also opportunities here to make new contacts and take a lot with them for the future. Great course Andreas and definitely keep up the good work!"

 Sandra Marschke, Seminar “My Time Management”

"I really liked the Time Management course. The balance between theory and practical phases provides a lot of variety. Especially in the practical parts, the course encourages you in an impressive way to think about your way of life and how to use your available time in life. The trainer Andreas Frank gives you a comprehensive set of methods including small tips and tricks with which you can improve your personal time management and thus get through everyday life more stress-free. I particularly liked the fact that at the end of the course you receive a 10-point timetable that shows you how to integrate good time management into your life in the long term."

Philipp Naumann, Seminar “My Time Management”

"My expectation of the course was to learn negotiation techniques and thereby get more money. Thanks to the great workshop and the numerous conversations with Andreas, I have become better and more confident. But in his seminar you not only learn to ask questions in order to get more money. In the end, I asked myself what I wanted to achieve through every single negotiation. I came with the wish for more money per month within my current job. I went with the certainty that I could earn what I wanted when I had a plan. Thank you and I hope for further training."

Noel Beinhorn, “Successful Negotiation and Communication”

"I went into the seminar with high expectations and these were even topped. Andreas has a particularly positive way of describing and mastering daily situations. I was particularly impressed by the plausible and comprehensible techniques that everyone can use immediately. It was simply fun!"

André Maaß, “Successful Negotiation and Communication”