Professional Email Management Booklet – Ring Binder


Master your Email Flood

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There is a big disorder on many desks and in many offices, mostly unconsciously.
This chaos continues into the email program. In addition, we are dealing with
a flood of emails nowadays. The consequences are much more serious than you think.

  • Have you ever received an unclear email?
  • Do you want to keep control of the high email flood?
  • Do you want to optimize your email handling?

Then you’ve come to the right place. In this booklet, you will learn important knowledge
about a professional email handling. It’s about more performance and more joy in your (office) life.
Enjoy reading it.

Anyone can write a long book. Andreas Frank puts it in a nutshell. Everything is somewhere
on the Internet and there are numerous books on almost every topic. There is everything,
nothing and a lot in between. Andreas Frank goes a different way. He concentrates on the
essentials and gives you the knowledge compressed in crisp booklets and eBooklets.
Simple, beautiful, effective.


  • ring binder
  • 30 pages