The Frank Academy offers Multimedia Excellence Trainings: For you, for your employees, for your managers.

We follow a targeted, holistic approach.

  • We combine self-determined learning with classroom training.
  • We combine digital eLearnings/ eTrainings (learning and training on the computer/ tablet/ smartphone) with analogue (fresh from the press) learning and training books.
  • We combine individual coaching with group coaching ( Webinars).
  • We combine theory and practice and provide many effective examples.

The result is our holistic excellence training for more performance and enjoyment in (working) life, in German or English, in blocks or as individual training.


My Lean Office

• My Time Management
• My Self-Management
My Document Management
My Email Management
My Lean Management

My International Competence

• My Intercultural Cooperation
• My Virtual Collaboration
• My Corporate Culture
• My Diversity
• My Vision & Values


My Communication Management

• Effective Presentation
• Communicate successfully
• Conducting and moderating Conversations
• Efficient Telephone Communication
• Intercultural Communication

My Project Management

• Effective Project Management
• Powerful Team Leadership
• Efficient Team Building
• Motivating People
• Dealing with difficult People

My Social Competence

• Emotional Competence
• Lead & follow
• Developing and interpreting Body Language
• Business Relationship Management
• Dealing with Customers and Colleagues

My Business Excellence

• My first 90 Days in the new Job
• Making Decisions and solving Problems
• My Business Etiquette
• Active Networking
• Powerful Negotiation

For Students


My Dream Life: Getting off to your Dream Job

• Inventory & Self-Check
• From Curriculum Vitae to Cover Letter
• Successful Interviewing
• Assessment Center



We offer consulting in the field of continuing education with a focus on digital learning (eLearning/ eTraining) from conception to production, knowledge management and transfer.

We advise you on the following issues:

  • How can you advance your company through further training?
  • How can you or your employees become more effective and efficient?
  • How can you act long-term, sustainable and successful?

Let us come together. Contact us for a non-binding discussion.

We are at your service


Multimedia excellence trainings are effective and efficient. But they never replace personal contact. They complement this powerfully and impressively.

There are times when we need personal advice and face-to-face support. That is why we are there for you personally. We analyse your situation, draw up plans and support you in implementing them.

For further information or to arrange a non-binding telephone call, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Presentations – Lectures – Talks

More and more customers are approaching us with the desire for a presentation, whether at events, trade fairs or other important occasions.

We are happy to fulfil this wish for you. Just contact us and we will find a solution.


"Clearly structured course concept in sensibly coordinated modules. Very pleasant and constructive atmosphere during the seminar. Passionate commitment or style of presentation of the lecturer with appropriate consideration of the questions/interests of the course participants. In addition, a lot of helpful, individual feedback from the lecturer's experience to the course participants. Thus a very high use value for my vocational practice as a lecturer. When will the next seminar take place?"

Michael Schneider, Seminar “My Office and Information Management”

"What I liked most about the course was the relaxed nature of your presentation and the subsequent discussions. I was also impressed by the resulting short learning units with the points we highlighted. We came to very good results. For the future I intend to create a weekly plan and to act according to the 5-4-3-2-1 rule. Thanks again for that!"

Viele Grüße, Britta Padeken, Seminar “My Office and Information Management”

"Dry title - surprisingly universal. The seminar starts under the title Order in Office and Information Management. My expectations to the seminar were exceeded from the outset by far. I really liked the fresh and enthusiastic manner of Andreas Frank, who made the abstract topic a personal one. It was always about finding his OWN approach, while a variety of methods and approaches were presented and tested. Quality of life and work were brought together excellently! Curiosity aroused to try new ways. Mindfulness for one's own life, rethinking routines and clear decisions on structure and time management were brought together by Andreas in a motivating way. Conclusion: An advanced training on the subject: Order in office and information management can be an enriching and not at all boring experience."F

Stefanie Bruhn, Seminar “My Office and Information Management”