Introduction Andreas Frank

The Frank Academy is run by the Teacher & Student of Life Andreas Frank.

Andreas has a mission: He challenges and encourages people to develop their full potential, both professionally and privately. Growing together is his motto.

Andreas was born in Hanover in 1977. At the age of 18 he left his hometown to begin his military service. After studying mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University and MIT in Cambridge (USA), Andreas began his international career in the automotive industry. He gained a lot of competence and experience in sales and as a project manager.

After five years Andreas became restless. He was looking for a new challenge. Thus Andreas followed a Lebanese customer to Nigeria as a partner in a consulting firm in order to optimize business processes there. In addition, Andreas developed the necessary trainings and conducted them directly. At this point he was given the nickname “education master“.

After sixteen years Andreas returned to his hometown Hannover with many months of professional experience from countries like the USA, Brazil, India, France and Nigeria.

But it took another seven years as a product manager at a global company until Andreas achieved his purpose. But already during this time Andreas deepened his activities as a trainer and coach. Andreas advises and teaches students, employees and managers how to optimize their private and professional lives and how to advance their careers with great success. Over the years, Andreas has deepened his passion for coaching and consulting with training courses and personality seminars.

Now is the time to give something back to society. Andreas Frank founded the Frank Academy, which specializes in multimedia excellence training to help people and organizations to reach their goals. As a teacher and student of life at the same time.

When you ask Andreas for his advice on life, he recommends: “Always follow your heart and work diligently on your dreams to make them come true. Enjoy your life, for you have only one.”

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"I attended the seminar "Professional Office and Information Management" with Mr. Frank and was very impressed by his energy and the lively way of lecturing. I also particularly liked the time and content structure of the seminar. In my opinion, Mr. Frank brought everything important to the point at the right time and thus gave a compact overview of the topic. I can definitely recommend the seminar."

Anne Smurawski, Seminar “My Office and Information Management”

"Andreas has managed to get me absolutely enthusiastic about office organisation through his open and motivating way. His expertise testifies to sustainable and competent solutions, which are immediately and consistently put into practice. The lively way of lecturing fascinates unbelievably, colors and inspires, so that all proposed tools make the desired order in the private and business life at the same time real. It is completely anchored in my memory! I am grateful & recommend it to anyone who wants to create clarity in life forever. Merci Andreas & I would be happy about further courses with you. "

Malgorzata B. Baniecka, Seminar “My Office and Information Management”