Productivity – The Rule of Simplicity

Very few people are so talented that they spontaneously do “everything right” in the office. Most of the time, these people are not even aware of their own ability. They have never learned important productivity skills, but have always been competent.

If this person is then their boss, it’s hard for him or her to recognize what vital skills an employee needs and how an unproductive employee differs from a productive one. Thus, they let their employees get away with fault-leading behavior unrecognized.

To be productive in the office and learn important skills, the “99.9% less talented” employees need an easy-to-implement productivity plan. Only then can they focus on the things that really matter, avoid many mistakes, and add value.

Beware: the more expertise and complex details you are asked to learn, the greater the likelihood that you will end up not learning anything at all properly. You will continue to fail to access your full productivity potential.

The art, then, is in having a sense of what is essential and leaving things out in the right way. What the essentials are, you learn with us.

Your Office Productivity Guide Dipl.-Ing Andreas Frank, MBA


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